Charlotte Moorman’s Electrifying Avant Garde Cello
by Jennifer Krasinski
The Village Voice, October 2, 2016

“The life and work of a performer isn’t easy to capture or contain inside a gallery; life force is a slippery thing, after all, unable to be collected, archived, or displayed. But co-curators Lisa Corrin and Corinne Granof of Northwestern’s Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art, where the exhibition began, have put together a graceful and electrifying exhibition that vividly captures the whirl of Moorman’s work and legacy, telling her story through instruments and sculptures, performance videos and television appearances and photographs (many of which were taken by the late, great photographer and Fluxus documentarian Peter Moore), as well as posters, scores, costumes, and other ephemera. All of which is to say: At last, Moorman has been given a spotlight she’s deserved for quite some time.”

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