Bajazzo, 1963 (poem)

Congratulations to Miguel Coronado, first place winner of the NYU Creative Writing Program’s 2019 Gallery Prize competition, and honorable mentions Lily Dolin and Joey Solomon, all students in NYU’s Creative Writing Program. The Prizes were awarded for the best poem by an NYU undergraduate in response to the exhibition Fritz Ascher: Expressionist, which was on view at the Grey Art Gallery, New York University, from January 6 to April 9, 2019. Contest judge was Geoffrey Nutter, Clinical Professor of Creative Writing, NYU.

Fritz Ascher, Bajazzo, 1963. Black ink on paper, 24 x 17 in. Private collection











Bajazzo, 1963

if i am going to die early
tell me about my funeral guests now

how hard are they wailing
black soot running out their ears
dribbling off the crowds mouths
hot sad soup
for me

pour the melting faces,
angle them toward soil
so that I may feed on catastrophe

i gorge on the hunger
larvae polish my ribs
pain tickles me

i forget who decided to paint my face in the first place

eventually, we will all be laughing in the dark expanse of something that smells like yolk and sperm.


Written by Joey Solomon, student in Creative Writing, NYU


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