Alt-Text as Poetry
An Online Workshop

Alt-text as Poetry, an online workshop by Shannon Finnegan and Bojana Coklyat
Presented by Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, Eyebeam, and Grey Art Gallery at New York University
Original program date: May 7, 2020

Alt-text is an essential part of web accessibility, making visual content accessible to blind people and people with low vision. It is often overlooked altogether or understood through the lens of compliance, as an unwelcome burden to be met with minimum effort. How can we instead approach alt-text thoughtfully and creatively?

This online webinar reframes alt-text as a type of poetry, using language that is pared-down, yet expressive. Writers Amelia Bande, Candystore, and Kimberly Drew will describe artworks and event documentation images—those most often found on institutional websites—and have their texts workshopped, learning from one another’s strategy and techniques. Alt-text as Poetry creates an opportunity to rethink accessible visual content, inspiring thought, care, and playfulness.

Closed captions available and ASL accessible.