Americans In Paris Exhibition Review:
“Explore The Works of American Artists in Post WW II Paris at The Grey Art Museum”
Our Town, April 9, 2024

Installation image of "Americans In Paris" exhibition at the Grey Art Museum.

The Grey Art Museum located in NoHo is a freshly renovated and spacious museum that is worth a visit. Its current exhibit examines the expats in Paris in the 1950s and 60s.

by Tehsin Pala

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many museums in the city suffered financially. The galleries remained empty, with pieces on display but no eyes to admire them. Some are still recovering from the impact of the pandemic. During this period, the Grey Art Museum at New York University took advantage of the time to negotiate with a couple in SoHo, James Cottrell and Joseph Lovett, to acquire a collection of works from the 1980s. Now artworks from the collection are displayed at the museum along with the creation of a Cottrell-Lovett Gallery and the Cottrell-Lovett Study Center.

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