Pilaram, Faramarz

Colt 45, 1968

Image for Colt 45, 1968

Pilaram was a skilled calligrapher who experimented with different forms of script, as in Colt 45. Difficult to decipher, the work points to the artist’s tendency to use letters and numbers as decorative elements rather than semantic devices—a common practice among Saqqakhaneh artists. Although this work may at first glance appear abstract, the figure of a female bandit on horseback (holding a cocked Colt 45 pistol) is embedded within its web of black lines.

Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 53 x 39 in.
Credit Line Grey Art Gallery, New York University Art Collection
Donor Gift of Abby Weed Grey
Object ID G1975.109
Artwork Date 1968


Collection Years: 1968