Composition, n.d. (G1975.204)

Daughter of Devayani and Kanwal Krishna, Chitrangada was raised in an artistic household. In this etching, she stretches a net pattern across the plate to hint at three-dimensional space, while abruptly flattening the picture plane with a cluster of red and white spots at the lower left. Chitrangada grew up spending time at the Modern […]

Composition in Red and Blue, n.d.

Zeid is one of Turkey’s most prominent abstract artists. Her lithographs in the Grey collection—with their serpentine lines, black dots highlighted with spots of color, and monochromatic fields with abstract references to nature and cityscapes—are typical of works from the apex of her career, when she was participating in the Nouvelle Ecole de Paris and […]

A Man, n.d.

Specializing in printmaking from early on, Kayaalp produced for the most part engravings and woodcuts in both abstract and figurative styles. Here he depicts a figure using simple biomorphic shapes and enlivening the surface with pointillistic dots. Kayaalp studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul, from 1940 to 1947 and taught art in high […]

Two Sisters, n.d.

The peasant girls seen here recur throughout Eren Eyüboglu’s oeuvre—whether in oils, mosaics, and prints. In her later works such as this one, the joyful colors of archetypal village brides and their costumes give way to more realistic depictions of anguished women. Born in Iasi, Romania, Eyüboglu (neé Ernestine Letoni, or Leibovici) studied painting at […]

Folk Dancers in Blue, n.d.

Here a line of folk dancers moves in unison to the tune of the piper at the far right. Although recognizable, they are obscured under a welter of scratchy lines that convey the dancers’ sense of joy in communal movement. Esirkus graduated from the Painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul, in 1948. […]

The Kite, n.d.

Çelebi was among the most prominent of the artists who introduced modernist art to Turkey beginning in the late 1920s. Earlier that decade, while studying with Hans Hofmann in Munich, he developed his distinct style, which combines Cubist geometry with Expressionist color and line. In this drawing, he captures the joy of flying a kite […]

Composition, n.d.

Best known as a printmaker, Berger worked in a variety of modes ranging from black-and-white images with fervent needle marks to earth-toned works with calmer, childlike markings. She experimented with printing on wax paper, sandpaper, and muslin, and she never pulled the same print twice, making changes on the etching plate each time she ran […]