Film Screening
Aldo Tambellini I

In conjunction with the exhibition Inventing Downtown:
Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952–1965

Experimental short films, mostly from the 1960s, by Aldo Tambellini, artist in Inventing Downtown. Tuesday, 7:30 pm (highlights): Black Film Series Plus (includes opening of Black Gate Theatre, New York’s first “electromedia” space); Black Is (abstract images painted directly on clear film base); Black Trip 2 (American psyche seen through eye of a black man); Black Plus X (contemporary life in a black community); Blackout (crescendo of abstract images); Soundblack (reverses soundtrack and optical); Proliferation of the Sun (performance by Otto Piene); Black Out (performance by Tambellini)

Co-organized by Anthology Film Archives and NYU’s Grey Art Gallery. Tickets and complete film listings:

Starts 1/10/17 7:30 pm
Ends 1/10/17 9:30 pm
Location Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue
Cost $11 General Admission, $9 Students, seniors $7 AFA Members, and children (12 & under)


Program Types: Film Screening