Grey Art Gallery NYU @ Art at a Time Like This

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In response to the worldwide outcry against racial injustice, Art at a Time Like This is pleased to announce a special program featuring Lynn Gumpert, director of the Grey Art Gallery at NYU, and Noel Anderson, artist and professor in NYU’s Department of Art and Art Professions. They will be discussing matters ranging from discrimination in education and the art world to teaching studio art remotely to the future of museum and university programming in the age of COVID-19.

This is the first in a collaboration between Art at a Time Like This and the Grey Art Gallery, an institution with a long history of presenting exhibitions exploring global art histories including its current show, Taking Shape: Abstraction from the Arab World, 1950s–1980s. Sharing this global perspective, Art at a Time Like This is honored to host this conversation on Friday, June 12th, at 4PM.

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Art at a Time Like This is a nonprofit platform for the free exchange of ideas at times of crisis. The site was launched on March 17th by award-winning art critic and curator Barbara Pollack and independent curator Anne Verhallen. Art at a Time Like This has reached 100,000 viewers in over 100 countries with its exhibition, How Can We Think of Art at a Time Like This? which features both internationally recognized names (Ai Weiwei, Mickalene Thomas, Alfredo Jaar) and emerging artists from around the globe, including Rosana Paulino, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Meriem Benanni.

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Starts 6/12/20 4:00 pm
Ends 6/12/20 5:00 pm
Participants Lynn Gumpert, Noel W. Anderson
Location Online–Zoom (Eastern Time)
Cost Free


Program Types: Webinar