Art for Every Home: Associated American Artist, 1934–2000

Art for Every Home: Associated American Artists, 1934–2000 provides the first comprehensive and critical overview of Associated American Artists (AAA), the commercial enterprise best known as the publisher of prints by Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, and Grant Wood. This exhibition addresses not only AAA’s storied involvement in popularizing American prints in the 1930s, but also its promotion of American art over six decades. Through dynamic marketing of studio prints, ceramics, and textiles, and associations with corporate advertising agencies, AAA sought to bring “original” American art to every American home via mail delivery.

Art for Every Home: An Illustrated Index of Associated American Artists Prints, Ceramics, and Textile Designs, a companion to this volume, includes three illustrated indices that document AAA releases between 1934 and 1990. It is available as a free, downloadable PDF at

Author Linda Duke, Ellen Paul Denker, Karen J. Herbaugh, Lara Kuykendall, Bill North, Susan Teller, Tiffany Elena Washington, and Kristina Wilson
Publisher Yale University Press
Published Date Tuesday, Nov 17, 2015
ISBN 9780300215793
Pages 288
Dimensions Hardcover, 9 x 11 in.
Number of Illustrations 230
Price $50
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