Pepe Karmel

Watch<br>Pepe Karmel and Lynn Gumpert on Berthe Weill

Original program date: July 6, 2022. This virtual event celebrated the newly translated memoir of Berthe Weill, a provocative Parisian art dealer at the heart of the twentieth-century art world. Watch Lynn Gumpert (Director, Grey Art Gallery) and Pepe Karmel (Associate Professor of Art History, New York University) discuss Weill’s Pow! Right in the Eye! Thirty Years behind the Scenes of Modern French Painting (University of Chicago Press, June 2022).

Watch<br>Taking Shape: New Perspectives on Arab Abstraction<br>Session 2: Arab Abstraction and Arabic Letterforms

Original program date: June 4, 2020. Iftikhar Dadi, Associate Professor of History of Art, Cornell University, and Nada Shabout, Professor of Art History, University of North Texas, explore how the artists in Taking Shape “reterritorialized” the Arabic alphabet and made its aesthetic more accessible to the larger world, not only in detaching Arabic letterforms from Islamic calligraphy and religious history but also in liberating them from their semantic functions. In stripping Arabic letters of their former meanings, artists enabled them to signal modern (pan-)Arab identity and the decolonization of culture. Moderated by Pepe Karmel, Associate Professor of Art History, New York University.